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Action Foundation
For Mental Health Inc.

PO Box 1602
Chatswood NSW

A Registered Charity
ABN 55 498 404 088



The Foundation was established in early 1987.

Previously members had belonged to a group known as the Supporters for Living Skills, but decided that it was time to aim for a self sufficient, secure charitable organisation as an independent, incorporated, non-profit organisation with taxation benefit status for charitable donations and philanthropic bequests.


The Board of Directors consists of an honorary president, secretary and treasurer as well as additional directors including client members.


There is a combined board and general meeting for all members every third month.

All members and other interested parties are welcome. Contact us for the venue

and date of the next meeting and come along. rs.



'Our popular music program is run at Hercules House, Chatswood Recovery & Wellbeing Hub at Hercules Street, Chatswood on Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm. It is followed by a BBQ at 1pm. No referral for music or lunch is required. Donation for lunch is $3. The Action Foundation programs are run on Wednesdays at the Hub. This program is on hold due to COVID-19.'


One Door NDIS Programs

The NDIS programs recognises that people with a mental illness are often faced with significant challenges when reconnecting to their social and community networks both during and after recovery.

Hercules House offers a friendly and positive environment in which those with a mental illness can engage in their choice of facilities and support; or activities and groups that encourage socialisation, development of useful life skills, and educational and supportive groups. Staff at Hercules House encourage active participation of members in activities and groups.

Activities run through Hercules House may include and are not limited to:

  • Mental Illness information classes

  • Personal Development

  • Recreational fishing

  • Fitness, Meditation and Yoga classes

  • Computer programs

  • Cooking classes

  • External outings

  • Workshops

  • Gardening and Lawn Care Program

  • Arts and Crafts


Please contact Hercules House for more information on the current program of activities and groups on 9199 6190 or email  or come in and say hello, no referral required. Hercules House is open MondayTuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9.30 - 4.30pm. Closed Wednesdays.

See above for the Action Foundation programs on Wednesdays.


NDIS Target Group

The NDIS Program aims to support people with a mental illness. It is important that members are willing to engage in their own recovery journey with the support of this program.”


· Volunteer Program-- If you wish to assist the Foundation with its activities please email or telephone for details.

Who can help?
We welcome help and ideas from all:-
Interested volunteers,
Young or older,
Students or Retired,
Working or Not working,
Carers, Care recipients, 

The Action Foundation is represented on the Board of Mars/Cornucopia which provides paid work to consumers in the Cornucopia Café and Nursery at Gladesville as well as the Gardening teams at Gladesville and Wahroonga.


Other programs at Chatswood Recovery & Wellbeing Hub in Hercules Street


An initial consortium of Community Managed Organisations namely the Action Foundation, New Horizons, One Door Mental Health (formerly Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW) and Uniting Care Mental Health  will be running programs at the Hub.


Family & Carers, Psychological Services, Partners in Recovery and other programs are run at the Hub. Others are being added and interested organisations aimed at supporting mental health are invited to contact the Hub Site Coordinator or the Action Foundation to discuss colocation.



Recovery and Wellbeing Hub Chatswood brochure


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